Beautiful disaster

Good morning loves…. sitting down to breakfast this cold morning, I can’t help but think about the very first book that had me falling in love with the erotica genre of literature. While this book is classified under the erotica section of good reads… I wouldn’t necessarily call it that. It’s definitely a romance and drama for sure, but there isn’t any hot and heavy scenes the likes of which you’d find from Ann Rice, J.R. Ward, or any of the other greats in erotic literature. It is however, one of the most compelling stories I’ve read. It’s also very original, and the plot doesn’t read as something that’s been done a hundred times, a hundred different ways. This book was an entire emotional roller coaster from start to finish. It had some almost cringe worthy scenes…. but in the best way possible. I can say with 100% alacrity, that after reading this book I wanted “pigeon” tattooed on me somewhere. I guess I wouldn’t recommend this as an erotica per say, because it’s rather lacking in that way. It is, however, a phenomenal dramatic romance. I tend to avoid dramas simply because I like my smut drama free. Down to it, the nitty gritty. But, because this wasn’t a smut book… I figured “why not”? If erotic scenes aren’t an absolute must for you, then I highly recommend this book. Either way, I recommend this book in all honesty. It does have a sequel, and I recommend that one as well since it’s a continuation of the first… but not super necessary. All in all, I love this book regardless of its lack of hot and heavy, simply because it was the birth of my love for erotica. The perfect stepping stone!

Beautiful Bastard Series

I want to start off by saying this book has some of the hottest scenes I have ever read, furthermore, it had me falling on the floor laughing. Tears were streaming down my face one moment, and the next I was cracking windows in the Minnesota winter. I’ve found it can be pretty difficult to write an erotic comedy…. without listing too far one way or the other. This series beautifully blends the two! I also want to give praise to the fact that this specific erotica offered more than just sex scenes. A lot of erotica now a days doesn’t feature much other than well… erotica. As much as I love the hot and heavy (because, duh…. hello???) I also want content in between. It isn’t anything new in the story plot per say… it’s your typical office affair. Sexy, rich, playboy guy and a beautiful blonde associate. But where the plot lacks originality, it heavily makes up for in the WAY it was written. Author(s) Christina Lauren, a writing duo composed of Christina Hobbs and Lauren Billings gave an extremely fresh take on an otherwise beat horse story line. Another pleasant surprise to add to the list of reasons this series is a must read, is the spin-off couples featured later. I wont give too much away because I need to leave something for you all to enjoy…. but lets just say they feature some less than vanilla lovin’. Over all, I recommend this series highly for anyone who enjoys erotica, especially those of you who enjoy good laughs along with it. It offers good variety in both the writing style and the characters quirks. It’s also an Amazon Prime item, which is a bonus for me since I love getting my books ASAP!

A Million Dirty Secrets (Duet)

This particular duet series is one of my favorites for a few reasons. The two books are the perfect starting point when diving into the world of erotic romance novels. You won’t find much kink in the two, but there is plenty of steamy scenes and dirty talk. I will also say, these two books are also in my line up of favorites because they have just a splash of comedy. Sex and humor are an amazing pair…. like chocolate and peanut butter. While it isn’t really a “comedy” per say, it does have its moments that made me giggle. The book itself is about a young woman who auctions herself off in an underground sex community. She’s a virgin in every sense of the word… but desperate times call for desperate measures, yes? Lucky for her, a whole lotta hunka hunka hubba hubba is the winner of the auction. Taking home Delaine for the next 2 years, and thus creating “Double Agent Coochie”. This is more on the vanilla side I will say, and while the book is in fact made up of many many sexy paragraphs… it is ultimately a romance. I highly recommend this book to not only new comers in the world of erotica, but also for those seasoned veteran readers. It’s also a winner for me because even though it is a duet (and I do highly recommend reading the second book) it’s also a very satisfactory stand alone novel. It’s relatively small, only about 200 pages… so it’s definitely worth a read in the near future!

The Black Dagger Brotherhood

For my more Sci-Fi inclined readers… This book series is the perfect mix of science fiction, without being obscenely “fake”. The series follows a group of vampires known as the Black Dagger Brotherhood. I know what you’re thinking…. “vampires? really?” that’s what I thought too. I almost never read vampire erotic romance novels because they’re usually filled with cheese and more cheese. This book series, however, is written by J.R. Ward, and if you aren’t familiar with Ward’s work, she IS the writer for sci-fi erotic romance. All the different components and the realistic aspect of it is what makes these books everything they are and more. If you are like me and blow through books at an overwhelming rate, these books are perfect because there are 15 books in the series (with the sixteenth book coming in 2018) and they are pretty large sized books so they’ll take a little while to get through. I also want to note that even though it’s a small presence, there are some gay scenes and ultimately an entire book dedicated to the two males in question (lover at last, book 11) but that the book is easily skippable without losing too much content for the following book if you aren’t prepared for that sort of thing. J.R. Ward has a writing style that I personally love because she is so attentive to detail that you can visualize everything that’s being written. Which, is exactly how a good book should be written especially if it’s got vampire sex scenes. Not only do you have the steamy sex scenes to fuel the drama fire, but you also get war that has been waged since the beginning of the vampire race and hint; the opposing side isn’t humanity … it’s something far worse. I don’t want to give away too much, but I will say that these books have captivated my attention for the better of two weeks. Whereas I sometimes I bounce around or look into new series while I’m still reading one, this series makes me appreciate even more how studious of an author Ward is. The arrival of the sixteenth book this year has me adding another book to my list of expected releases for 2018.

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