A Million Dirty Secrets (Duet)

This particular duet series is one of my favorites for a few reasons. The two books are the perfect starting point when diving into the world of erotic romance novels. You won’t find much kink in the two, but there is plenty of steamy scenes and dirty talk. I will also say, these two books are also in my line up of favorites because they have just a splash of comedy. Sex and humor are an amazing pair…. like chocolate and peanut butter. While it isn’t really a “comedy” per say, it does have its moments that made me giggle. The book itself is about a young woman who auctions herself off in an underground sex community. She’s a virgin in every sense of the word… but desperate times call for desperate measures, yes? Lucky for her, a whole lotta hunka hunka hubba hubba is the winner of the auction. Taking home Delaine for the next 2 years, and thus creating “Double Agent Coochie”. This is more on the vanilla side I will say, and while the book is in fact made up of many many sexy paragraphs… it is ultimately a romance. I highly recommend this book to not only new comers in the world of erotica, but also for those seasoned veteran readers. It’s also a winner for me because even though it is a duet (and I do highly recommend reading the second book) it’s also a very satisfactory stand alone novel. It’s relatively small, only about 200 pages… so it’s definitely worth a read in the near future!


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