The Black Dagger Brotherhood

For my more Sci-Fi inclined readers… This book series is the perfect mix of science fiction, without being obscenely¬†“fake”. The series follows a group of vampires known as the Black Dagger Brotherhood. I know what you’re thinking…. “vampires? really?” that’s what I thought too. I almost never read vampire erotic romance novels because they’re usually filled with cheese and more cheese. This book series, however, is written by J.R. Ward, and if you aren’t familiar with Ward’s work, she IS the writer for sci-fi erotic romance. All the different components and the realistic aspect of it is what makes these books everything they are and more. If you are like me and blow through books at an overwhelming rate, these books are perfect because there are 15 books in the series (with the sixteenth book coming in 2018) and they are pretty large sized books so they’ll take a little while to get through. I also want to note that even though it’s a small presence, there are some gay scenes and ultimately an entire book dedicated to the two males in question (lover at last, book 11) but that the book is easily skippable without losing too much content for the following book if you aren’t prepared for that sort of thing. J.R. Ward has a writing style that I personally love because she is so attentive to detail that you can visualize everything that’s being written. Which, is exactly how a good book should be written especially if it’s got vampire sex scenes. Not only do you have the steamy sex scenes to fuel the drama fire, but you also get war that has been waged since the beginning of the vampire race and hint; the opposing side isn’t¬†humanity … it’s something far worse. I don’t want to give away too much, but I will say that these books have captivated my attention for the better of two weeks. Whereas I sometimes I bounce around or look into new series while I’m still reading one, this series makes me appreciate even more how studious of an author Ward is. The arrival of the sixteenth book this year has me adding another book to my list of expected releases for 2018.

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