Beautiful Bastard Series

I want to start off by saying this book has some of the hottest scenes I have ever read, furthermore, it had me falling on the floor laughing. Tears were streaming down my face one moment, and the next I was cracking windows in the Minnesota winter. I’ve found it can be pretty difficult to write an erotic comedy…. without listing too far one way or the other. This series beautifully blends the two! I also want to give praise to the fact that this specific erotica offered more than just sex scenes. A lot of erotica now a days doesn’t feature much other than well… erotica. As much as I love the hot and heavy (because, duh…. hello???) I also want content in between. It isn’t anything new in the story plot per say… it’s your typical office affair. Sexy, rich, playboy guy and a beautiful blonde associate. But where the plot lacks originality, it heavily makes up for in the WAY it was written. Author(s) Christina Lauren, a writing duo composed of Christina Hobbs and Lauren Billings gave an extremely fresh take on an otherwise beat horse story line. Another pleasant surprise to add to the list of reasons this series is a must read, is the spin-off couples featured later. I wont give too much away because I need to leave something for you all to enjoy…. but lets just say they feature some less than vanilla lovin’. Over all, I recommend this series highly for anyone who enjoys erotica, especially those of you who enjoy good laughs along with it. It offers good variety in both the writing style and the characters quirks. It’s also an Amazon Prime item, which is a bonus for me since I love getting my books ASAP!

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