Beautiful disaster

Good morning loves…. sitting down to breakfast this cold morning, I can’t help but think about the very first book that had me falling in love with the erotica genre of literature. While this book is classified under the erotica section of good reads… I wouldn’t necessarily call it that. It’s definitely a romance and drama for sure, but there isn’t any hot and heavy scenes the likes of which you’d find from Ann Rice, J.R. Ward, or any of the other greats in erotic literature. It is however, one of the most compelling stories I’ve read. It’s also very original, and the plot doesn’t read as something that’s been done a hundred times, a hundred different ways. This book was an entire emotional roller coaster from start to finish. It had some almost cringe worthy scenes…. but in the best way possible. I can say with 100% alacrity, that after reading this book I wanted “pigeon” tattooed on me somewhere. I guess I wouldn’t recommend this as an erotica per say, because it’s rather lacking in that way. It is, however, a phenomenal dramatic romance. I tend to avoid dramas simply because I like my smut drama free. Down to it, the nitty gritty. But, because this wasn’t a smut book… I figured “why not”? If erotic scenes aren’t an absolute must for you, then I highly recommend this book. Either way, I recommend this book in all honesty. It does have a sequel, and I recommend that one as well since it’s a continuation of the first… but not super necessary. All in all, I love this book regardless of its lack of hot and heavy, simply because it was the birth of my love for erotica. The perfect stepping stone!

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